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Sustainable Antibacterial Technologies for Textiles & Surface Protection.

Products for Textiles and Apparels

Ensure that your textile products are protected from bacteria.

N9 Pure Silver

Silver powered antibacterial protection.


Silver based antibacterial protection.

Earth Mint

Peppermint oil based freshness technology.


Custom blend of an US EPA registered antibacterial technology.

N9 XTS-18

Custom blend of an advanced Quat Silane based antibacterial technology.

Cylate 20-19

US EPA and EU BPR registered antibacterial textile finish.

ProTecht SLP Pro-Fresh

Active freshness protection.

Products for Plastics and Polymers

Protect the Plastic Surfaces with our anti-bacterial technologies.

N9 Plastix MIS

Bacteria tend to multiply and double on plastic surfaces like Chopping Boards, Water Bottles, Lunch . . .

N9 Plastix Silklear

The modern plastics industry uses polyolefins as well as other high-performance Speciality Engineeri . . .

N9 Plastix Synhide

PVC Vinyl is the affordable and ethical substitute for natural leather.

N9 Plastix Silklear Plus

Previous Next Water storage articles made from plastic polymers are susceptible to aquatic microbial . . .

Products for Paints and Coatings

Paints and Coatings retain their colour and adhesion while defending against bacterial attacks.

N9 Pure Silver LM 2.0

Coatings are applied on everyday products like tables, chairs, laminates and several others.

N9 Pure Silver BC

Floors can host large numbers of bacteria especially in places like Biotech labs, Hospitals, Schools . . .

Products for Paper

Safeguard paper and paper products with our anti-bacterial technologies.

N9 Pure Silver ABP

Previous Next Paper is one of the most widely used materials with diverse applications like books, t . . .

About Anti Bacterial Technology

Bacteria are known to survive and multiply on various surfaces irrespective of the material. If not treated in time, bacterial growth can cause malodours and product deterioration.
Designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria, our antibacterial technologies offer the best protection for various surfaces. Our market-ready technologies can be easily integrated into your products and offer continuous protection against bacteria throughout the treated product’s expected lifecycle.

Research and Innovation

Our research is focussed on providing the best possible anti-bacterial efficacy without affecting the functionality of the treated products. All our technologies are tested using the international test protocols like AATCC 100, ASTM E 2149, ISO 20743, JIS L 1902, etc and are proven to perform at the highest levels and durability.
To cater to the varying needs of the diverse industries we serve, we have developed anti-bacterial products using different technologies like Silver, Quat-Silane and even natural Plant based alternatives. As an environmentally responsible organisation our research efforts also extend to ensure that our products are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Key Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

N9WTPL’s offers different antibacterial technologies for textiles, plastics & polymers, paints & coatings and various paper applications.
All our products are tested in-house and also through NABL accredited independent laboratories.
Antibacterial protection neutralises the odour causing bacteria and resists microbial odour development leaving the treated article fresher for longer.
N9WTPL’s antibacterial technologies provide protection to the treated article only and not the user of such articles. No health claims can be made or implied based on our technologies.

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