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Hygiene enhancing antimicrobial technologies for Paints & Coatings.

Hygiene enhancing antimicrobial technologies for Paints & Coatings.

Silver Powered Antiviral & Antibacterial Protection.

Silver Powered Antiviral & Antibacterial Protection.

Paints and coatings are the outermost layers that protect walls, furniture, etc but they are vulnerable to bacterial growth which can lead to cross infections. Microbes breed on these surfaces and can double in number every twenty minutes leading to staining, bad odours, and even premature product degradation. Once microbes have begun to breed on a surface, constant cleaning and maintenance is required to keep the growth under control.
Our Silver based antimicrobial technologies will enhance your Paints & Coatings and help keep the surfaces more hygienic by inhibiting the growth of microbes. Our additives are incorporated during manufacturing making them durable & resilient. The final result is a strong protective coating that will enhance the final product and the surfaces with on-demand protection.

Anti-Bacterial Products

Anti-bacterial protective additives to for your paints and coatings.

N9 Pure Silver LM 2.0

Coatings are applied on everyday products like tables, chairs, laminates and several others.

N9 Pure Silver BC

Floors can host large numbers of bacteria especially in places like Biotech labs, Hospitals, Schools . . .

Anti-Viral Products

Anti-viral additives that make your paints and coatings safer to touch.

N9 Pure Silver Claro

Microbes on interior surfaces of homes like walls is a major concern area. Multiplying microbes on u . . .

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The core principles that govern our sustainability strategy include Responsible Consumption and Production, Clean Water & Sanitation, Climate Action, Good Health & Wellbeing and Zero Hunger.
The products we design are formulated in a way to leave minimal impact on the environment throughout their life cycle. They are specifically engineered to serve specific purposes and not cause any collateral damage to the environment. We stand by our promise to make safer products that are a result of sustainable manufacturing operations and represent our commitment towards responsible product stewardship.

Research and Innovation

Research and Innovation

A robust Research and Development team is at the heart of operations at N9. Our R&D team comprises the best minds in the industry, many of whom are involved in full-time research. They ensure that every single simulation in the manufacturing chain is replicated and all safety protocols are adhered to before a product is released to the public.
We are constantly looking to better our products and improve their performance. Any shortfall is immediately addressed in the design phase to upgrade the product. For this we integrate both the chemistry and application research aspect. It is imperative to us that we strive to deliver the best performing products to our customers.

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