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Novel moisture activated Cooling technologies for Textiles.

Products for Textiles and Apparels

Designed to help the wearer beat the heat and feel comfortable.


Moisture activated cooling technology for cotton rich textiles.


Moisture activated cooling technology for polyester rich textiles.

About Cooling Technologies:

Most of the activities we undertake generate both heat and sweat causing discomfort. To combat the heat and ensure wearer comfort, we have designed cooling technologies that respond dynamically to body temperature and moisture.
Our cooling technologies are activated in the presence of moisture. On contact with sweat, they facilitate an endothermic reaction that absorbs body heat, leaving the wearer feeling cool and comfortable.

Research and Innovation

Based on a novel polyol-hydrophilic polymer system that binds to fibres, our cooling technologies are designed to reduce the temperature and increase comfort. These durable technologies can be tested using the internationally accepted FLIR thermal imaging method to ensure effective cooling.

Key Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Lot of our day-to-day activities generate heat and sweat causing discomfort. Our cooling technologies reduce the temperature by a few degrees and increase comfort.
We have different cooling products for different fibres like cotton and polyester and their various blends.
Our Cooling technologies are moisture activated. So they get activated when the user sweats and act to reduce discomfort caused by heating.
Cooling efficiency can be evaluated by internationally accepted protocol using IR Thermal Imaging Camera.

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