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Superior textile technologies for wellness and protection.

Products for Wellness and Protection:

UV protection, Cosmeto-Textiles and more.


A unique moisture-lock technology for textiles.

Soladel UV Shield

Superior protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


Fluorine free water repellent.

About Wellness and Protection Technologies:

The effects of sunlight can be harsh on the skin and more often than not exposure to them can cause damage to the skin. Our Soladel UV Shield is a revolutionary technology which protects the treated articles from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays.
Lack of moisture can make the skin dehydrated and result in dryness & dis-comfort. Our Mositex finish based on Essential oils can effectively lock-in the moisture to help keep the skin healthy.
Water and liquid stains negatively affect the appearance of apparel. Our environment friendly, Fluorine-free Purepel finish repels liquid spills on the treated textile articles.

Research and Innovation

Our wellness and protection technologies are developed by identifying the latent consumer needs. They are designed in a such a way as to make them easily applicable while not letting their function hamper the performance of the fabric. Our research team also ensures they conform to international standards and are sustainable.

Key Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Our moisture management technology is an advanced textile finishing that keeps skin moisture intact for prolonged period without affecting fabric comfort and breathability.
Our water repellent technology is an advanced fluorocarbon-free water repellent agent based on a hydrophobic reactive polymer designed to impart excellent water repellency together with wash durability.
Based on titania microspheres, our UV protection technology offers UV protection from harmful UV-A & UV-B rays and stops them from penetrating the garment and damaging the skin.
UV-A rays penetrates the skin’s thickest layer, dermis and causes skin damage at the cellular level. Unprotected exposure can lead to premature skin aging and wrinkling (photoaging), and suppression of the immune system. While UV-B rays being more intense usually burn the superficial layers of your skin and damage the outer layers of the skin. It plays a key role in the development of skin cancer.

As per ISO 21348, it can be subdivided into three types which are as follows:

UV-A (Soft UV, long wave) – 315-400 nm
UV-B (Intermediate UV, medium wave UV) – 280-315 nm
UV-C (hard UV, Short wave UV) – 200-280 nm

Of the ultraviolet radiation that reaches the Earth’s surface, more than 95% is the longer wavelengths of UV-A, with the small remainder UV-B. Almost no UV-C reaches the Earth’s surface.

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