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Superior Antiviral Technologies for textiles, plastics, paints and coatings.

Products for Textiles and Apparels

Antiviral protective technologies for apparel, home textiles and medical articles.

Viroban N9 SLP-201

Silver based antiviral technology for textiles.

Viroban N9 XTS-18

Quat Silane based antiviral technology for textiles.

Products for Plastics and Polymers

In-built antiviral, antifungal and antialgae protection for your plastic products.

N9 Pure Silver Aqua

Plastic Water Tanks and Pipes have a high need for Antimicrobial Protection as continuous contact wi . . .

Products for Paints and Coatings

Protect your paints and coatings from viruses.

N9 Pure Silver Claro

Microbes on interior surfaces of homes like walls is a major concern area. Multiplying microbes on u . . .

About Antiviral Technology

Viruses are one of the most difficult organisms to defend against as they have an unmatched ability to stay dormant and multiply rapidly once the conditions are right. They also spread easily and are responsible for a large number of health-related issues which makes antiviral protection essential.
N9WTPL have developed some of the most effective antiviral technologies for various surfaces. Applicable across a multitude of products, these technologies are meant to be your dependable in-built protection against viruses.

Research and Innovation

Tested to work against multiple strains of viruses, our technologies form a protective layer on the surface of the treated articles. They act as the first line of defence by neutralising the viruses that come in contact.
Designed to be easily integrated with various products like textiles, plastics, paints and coatings, our products deliver safety across mediums.

Key Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

N9WTPL’s offers different antiviral technologies for textiles, plastics, paints and coatings.
Antiviral protection prolongs the lifetime of the treated articles as it reduces the bioburden on them.
The viral particles get transferred between humans directly and indirectly on contact with various surface. The transfer of such infectious viral particles from the surface of the treated articles is prevented as they get neutralized on contact with the treated article.
Our antiviral technologies impart both antiviral and antibacterial properties to the treated textile articles thus keeping them fresh & hygienic.
N9WTPL’s antiviral technologies provide protection to the treated article only and not the user of such articles. No health claims can be made or implied based on our technologies.

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