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Taking textile technology solutions across the world.

Partnering Across Geographies

The global supply chain network of global brands and retailers is a complex and integrated process. A customer could franchise various elements of a product / category for example designing, fabric and garmenting across any part of the world which gives them the best cost and logistics efficiency. We are geared to meet such requirements with our relationship network with global manufacturers and logistics partners with agility and reliability.
N9WTPL has an exceptional presence on the global stage with a network spanning 4 continents. At any given point in time, we actively supply and service over 500 global mill partners across different countries.

Alliances with Sanitized AG and Consolidated Pathways

N9WTPL has partnered with Sanitized AG, Switzerland and Consolidated Pathways, USA with a view to expand our portfolio of regulated products as part of our commitment to globalize and provide the solutions to international brands and retailers.
With this partnership we are able to cater to the requirements of brands and retailers in US and EU whose products are manufactured and supplied from South and South East Asia.

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