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Polyester and polyester blended fabrics hinder the natural evaporation of the sweat, causing condensation between the skin and the garment. This in turn makes pursuing an active lifestyle difficult.
Presenting NeuDri, a quick drying technology designed to quickly dry your textiles. Formulated to rapidly wick sweat away from your skin and aid in quick evaporation, NeuDri ensures that the user stays dry and comfortable.

Features of the Product

Dynamic Drying

Enhanced Wicking

Soft Hand Feel

Dynamic Drying

Enhanced Wicking

Soft Hand Feel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Untreated Textile, especially polyester based articles may hinder natural evaporation & wicking causing discomfort to the wearer. Neudri addresses this issue.

Neudri is a hydro functional copolymer that absorbs moisture dynamically and distributes it evenly, throughout the surface of the fabric, aiding rapid wicking and evaporation.

Neudri is designed to work on Polyester rich textiles to improve their wicking and drying properties.

In addition to dynamic drying, Neudri also imparts soil release and antistatic properties to the treated articles.

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