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What is N9 PURE SILVER anti-microbial technology? What is unique about this technology and product? How is it different from other such solutions currently in the market?

N9 Pure Silver is unique because it’s a non-leaching particulate silver technology. It remains intact on the treated textile & works to protect it from bacteria which means that there is a minimal loss of silver in to the environment.

The competition silver-based products are pre-dominantly sliver salts (silver ion) & thus leaching in nature. Not only they require a higher amount of silver to provide the required results, they also leach a lot during washing thus affecting the environment & aquatic life.

How has the Indian textile industry responded to the new technology?

We have got very good response from the industry. We have more than 1000 Brands in India who have already accepted & put this technology in their products. We have also won the Technology Award from the Honourable President of India for the successful commercialization of this technology. Till date N9 Pure Silver is successfully launched in various segments like Inner-wear, Active-wear, Denims, Casual Wear, Formal Pants, School Uniforms, Corporate Uniforms, Bed sheets, Towels, Socks, T shirts etc.