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What is N9 XTS-18TM anti-microbial technology? What is unique about this technology and product?

N9 XTS-18TM is a ready-to-use formulation of an EPA registered organo-functional silane based antimicrobial agent that uses the well tested, polymeric binding properties and antimicrobial attributes of quaternary ammonium-silane (quat-silane) chemistry to create antimicrobial treated articles.

The unique binding system of N9 XTS-18 provides a durable, broad spectrum, non-leaching coating that reacts on and with the textile surface. This treatment creates a surface that is inhospitable for microbes as a static agent. When incorporated into industrial and household products, and consumer textiles during the manufacturing process or in use, N9 XTS-18TM inhibits the growth of microbes to offer protection from offensive odors and product deterioration, increased durability and product freshness.

How to test traceability of N9 XTS-18 treated articles?

Through BPB (Bromophenol Blue Test) traceability of N9 XTS-18 treated articles can be tested. This procedure is used to quickly confirm the presence of the N9 XTS-18 active ingredient treatment on treated textiles. This method is designed to be used in conjunction with subsequent analytical and microbiological tests for routine quality control testing. This procedure may also be used directly in the treatment facility to ensure proper mill application. This method utilizes the anion of the aqueous sodium salt of bromophenol blue (BPB) to complex with the cationic charge given to fabrics after treatment with N9 XTS-18.