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Why is Neudri needed?

Untreated Textile, especially polyester based articles may hinder natural
evaporation & wicking causing discomfort to the wearer. Neudri addresses
this issue.

How does Neudri work?

Neudri is a hydro functional copolymer that absorbs moisture
dynamically and distributes it evenly, throughout the surface of the fabric,
aiding rapid wicking and evaporation.

How does Viroban N9 XTS-18 work?

N 9 XTS 18 is a custom blend of Sanitized® T 20 19 a patented Swiss
quaternary silane technology. It creates a highly cationic charge
density on the textile’s surface, deactivating the spread of the
virus on contact.

Can VIROBAN N9 XTS-18 be used with other functional finishes?

Depending upon the type of functional finish, we recommend it to
be applied either in a single bath operation for example can be
applied in single bath with the wicking or cooling finish & in case
of a OWR finish, we recommend N9 XTS-18 to be applied first
followed by OWR finish for best results of both the finishes.